Kombucha Brothers and Sisters is a fermented tea that contains natural probiotics, enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and healthy organic acids. It is a refreshing, slightly carbonated beverage based on only 4 ingredients: water, tea, sugar, and microorganisms. Try the genuine goodness.


We brew high-quality Sencha Grade 1 organic green tea and add organic cane sugar, yeast cultures and and healthy bacteria in the form of SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). During the few weeks fermentation process, almost all the sugar and tea compounds are digested by bacteria and yeasts and converted into chemicals, organic acids, antioxidants, vitamins and enzymes that are beneficial for our organisms. At the end of the process our kombucha contains very little sugar and calories and low pH, which is characteristic for fermented products. This means that it does not require any preservation. It is live and  full of nutrients!


Probiotic bacteria are found in popular fermented products: yoghurt, sourdough or pickled vegetables. Our kombucha contains them as well. Probiotics are a natural element of bacterial flora which support the digestive and immune system and produce vitamins such as K and B12. We offer a healthy portion of a refreshing ferment.



Our tea is organic. We prepare it without sweeteners and colourants, which is why it tastes so natural. We pack it in amber glass bottles to protect it from UV rays.






It is a result of combining our Kombucha Sencha with freshly squeezed juice from organic ginger.

filtered water, organic Sencha tea, organic cane sugar, organic ginger juice, live bacterial cultures and yeast.


It is pure, live kombucha. Its taste is produced only as a result of fermentation of Sencha green tea. This is a high-quality organic tea specially selected by us, grown in China, from the first flush of the year. Kombucha Sencha is refreshing, with a noticeable floral and fruity aroma characteristic of this tea variety.

filtered water, organic Sencha tea, organic cane sugar, live bacterial cultures and yeast.


This is a unique combination of Kombucha Sencha and our infusion of fresh lemongrass and kaffir leaves. It is distinguished by its refreshing citrus-lime flavour.

filtered water, organic Sencha tea, organic cane sugar, live bacterial cultures and yeast, infusion of lemon grass and kaffir leaves.



We believe that civilisation has been built on the basis of cooperation and not rivalry between people. Bacterial cultures – just like us – focus on functioning in the community. Cooperation is the key. So food and relationships come together. After all, even food production requires many hands for work. Food brings us closer together – many years ago fermented food, especially beverages such as wine and beer, was building communities. That is why we want to return to this form of creating relationships, and a bottle of kombucha is a healthy excuse for us. As Brothers and Sisters, we want to foster a healthy ferment and gather a conscious community around us.



We have always lacked a drink that would be tasty and healthy. Standing at the store shelf – despite the seemingly great variety – we always have the impression that we have to choose the “lesser evil”. Sweetened carbonated beverages are one of the most unhealthy products on the food market. Bottled juices, on the other hand, are usually beverages with dubious real juice content.

Instead of constantly processing and refining, it is sometimes worth taking advantage of what nature has given us. This is how we met kombucha. We started to brew it at home and soon it turned out that this is the beverage that we were looking for so long. Together, as Brothers & Sisters, we want to share our fascination for the kombucha and instil it in others. We have created a product that we ourselves want to drink and which is missing from the store shelves.



Is it possible to drink kombucha every day – and if so, in what quantities?
If this is your first contact with kombucha, we recommend that you start drinking from small quantities. One bottle a day is a completely safe intake. With time you can drink more and more. We drink from a glass to about a litre every day.

Jakie właściwości zdrowotne ma kombucha?

Scientific studies indicate that kombucha has an antiseptic and antioxidant effect and purifies the liver. According to reports from kombucha users, its beneficial properties are believed to be as follows:
  • strengthens the immune system
  • reduces the risk of cancer
  • prevents cardiovascular diseases
  • improves gastrointestinal tract performance
  • controls appetite
  • has a positive effect on hair and skin
  • improves concentration
  • reduces inflammation areas
  • regulates blood sugar and cholesterol levels, thus protecting against diabetes
  • alleviates the symptoms of rheumatism and gout
  • counteracts disturbances in the acid-base balance
  • relieves symptoms of menopause
  • has a soothing effect on the nervous system

Can children drink kombucha?

Older children can, but we do not recommend that children under two years of age drink kombucha.

What is the shelf life of kombucha?

Generally, this kind of beverage does not expire, but we specify the expiry date, because we cannot guarantee that our kombucha will have the same taste, consistency and alcohol content after more than 6 months. Remember You have to keep it in the fridge. A long fermented kombucha simply turns into vinegar.
Why Brothers and Sisters Kombucha is more expensive than other popular drinks?
Because for the production of our kombucha we consciously use organic and thus more expensive ingredients, because we care about the quality and authenticity of the beverage we offer. In addition, our kombucha is produced by hand and requires a 6 weeks fermentation process at a specific temperature.
Does kombucha need to be stored in the fridge?
Yes! If we do not store it at low temperature, the fermentation process will progress faster and kombucha will become more acetic in taste and carbonated.
Does Brothers and Sisters kombucha contain alcohol?
Tak, jak każda sfermentowana żywność. Alkohol jest naturalnym skutkiem procesu fermentacji. Nasza kombucha może zawierać do 0,5 % alkoholu.

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